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Analog film

From analogue to digital offers more and faster options than in the darkroom. On the left a piece of analog film (celluloid), which I made positive as a contact sheet. This gives you a quick overview of your (old) recordings. Below is a print of a scanned negative and post-processing in Photoshop. This was printed in the Fotolab Kleurgamma, A’dam, in large format (A2).

Analog film is made from celluloid (nitrocellulose), the film material used to record films and take photos. Sooner or later your analog memories will be lost. Have them digitized and printed. Slides and negatives do not last forever. Analogue is again a trend for enthusiasts. In June 2024, my photo shop announced that a new analog camera had been launched, the Pentax 17, under the motto “time for a new old flavour”.