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About me

Started in 2011 as a studio photographer making portraits. Also portraits in the streets.
Chatherine Forge, photographer and historian, helps with editing and gives feedback. They share their passion for history and photography.
Collaboration with Trudy Buren, make up artist at make up bus. Printing and processing by Kleurgamma, Fine Art Photolab. Frames by Frame Products, Amsterdam.
Clothing and costumes: Gerritsen theaterkostuums Amsterdam
Gallery Reinold & De Zwart. Viewing by appointment by sending a message.
About beauty, download accountability.
During Covid he returned to his archive of vintage photos, did photo historical research and wrote articles in magazines. He specialised himself in scanning and in post editing of very old glassplates.
Culture Prize Winner 2018 Amsterdam Ouder-Amstel. People’s Choice for my black & white photo “Bride lying down” .